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Hey there! We decided to throw together some FAQs here for everyone.
Dont see your question? Feel free to ask us @ESGIndiePower on Twitter.

What the hell is Indie Power?

Indie Power was established in 2013 and aims to connect the best indie developers and studios around. We feel super lucky to have been involved in seven parties last year! Let's meet for a drink, talk, network and plan the parties we will crash afterwards.

How do I get on the “list”?

We really want people to come to our parties, especially small Indie developers that normally have a hard time getting into parties to meet other devs. Fill out THIS FORM and we’ll do our best to get you in.

How are these parties different, there are lots of parties.

There are. We are developers just like you and want parties that are small, (we usually rent out a pub), that have an open bar and food. We have a zero tolerance for our rules, and that’s what makes them awesome.

Whoa, hold on here...What are the rules?

Real simple:

  1. No doing business/selling, do that at other parties. We dont want a party where a bunch of sales ppl show up and sell you things as you drink your beer and eat food. Lots of other parties for that. We get one sponsor that is cool and will have their logo up along with ours.
  2. No jerks.
  3. Have fun and sign the posters.

Why do you want my email address?

We hand sort the list to ensure the party is almost all indies, devs and studios full of awesome. People seem to like that. Also, we have small parties so you can actually chat, meet people and mingle so we have to limit the ticket amount and we do that with email verification. By keeping our parties small, we can get our sponsor to do open bar and have great food, because drink tickets really suck.

I want MOAR tickets!
Fill out THIS FORM and we’ll do our best.



Indie Power

We've Thrown Past Parties At:

Full Indie Summit Game Developer's Conference Casual Connect Unite 2013 Unite 2013